Monday, June 14, 2010

a sweet award and a drive to Peggy's Cove

My friend, Marion, came out to spend the afternoon with me before she goes back to Ontario tomorrow. We went out to Peggy's Cove where we pretended to be tourists - something we are very practised at. We had coffee on the deck of Beale's Baliwick and looked at the most famous view in Canada. It was such a soft grey day so the colours were drenched. Perfect for photos. I took some and Marion borrowed my camera and took some. She just bought the same camera but decided not to bring it out as this was a short visit.

Then I came home from hanging with my friend on this sphere and found I had a nice award from a friend on the blogosphere! Mari over at the Giraffability of Digressions, gave me the Sugar Doll Award. How nice is that!

I think I'm supposed to pass it on so I will - I can only do this if I do it right away otherwise it goes into the unreachable drawer in my brain - the one that is full of crazy glue and rubber bands and things to do that I'm not going to!
So, not sure who has this but here goes - three sites that always cheer me up are: Brenda at Gardeningbren inNova Scotia  - Brenda writes about her garden, of course and she has a good eye and a kind heart - have a look!
Denise at Grrl + Dog. Denise is a guerilla knitter and if you don't know what that is - well you just should, that's all! Denise is funny and kind - the two attributes I most value in any sort of friend. Finally, my dear friend, Katie at her site devoted to her creative life. Katie isn't a frequent blogger but she is one worth supporting - her art work is wonderful and she is a good and kind person to boot.
ps - like any award I pass on - do with it as you wish - post it or don't, pass it on or keep it in your drawer. I REALLY don't have any expectations after it leaves my virtual fingers. Now to get my actual fingers over to the kitchen and whupping up some dinner.


Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on the award, well deserved. Love the photo and will enjoy checking out the new links.

Thoughts in Progress

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks Mason! Peggy's Cove is the peachiest of is magic and I never ever get tired of it.

Gardeningbren said...

The Halifax Herald contributor,and newish Canadian, Dominik Diamond, recently wrote he had never been to Peggy's Cove as he was advised not to go by a friend..."You will sit for hours choking in the exhaust fumes of tourist buses only to get out and see something you’ve seen a million pictures of,". Now I thought, what a shame...a true shame, that anyone would tell him that. Peggy's Cove is awesome and heart moving and you won't experience or know that without visiting. Glad your day there was as lovely as you describe.

Thanks for the nomination regarding the award))))), and bravo to you for receiving it!!! When you comment on my blog, it always makes me feel good and special and sometimes, I get so few comments I feel like I'm the only one reading it......but that is not so, I know!!))))My award to you...The Order of Good Cheerfulness! High Five!

Jan Morrison said...

Oh Brenda - I love 'The Order of Good Cheerfulness!!' It is definitely my favourite award. We had a salad made up only from the garden tonight. I thinned the lettuce heads and made this wonderful mix of lettuces and sweet crisp radishes with a dressing that had my basil in it. Oh, is anything better than actually eating from one's garden???