Friday, February 25, 2011

Is my life simple? Or is it complicated?

My life doesn't seem simple but maybe it does to others. I am privy to my rich inner life of course, and you others aren't - well only if I share. This week has been about repair jobs. It is the dön season  in the Tibetan calendar - I've written about them before - it is the couple of weeks before the new year - this year falling on March 5th when it is best to lay low and practice. Here is something about a video that th Sakyong did on the subject.
The weeks preceding each Tibetan New Year are known as "dön season," and can be fraught with inner and outer obstacles. This year, don season begins Tuesday, February 22nd and concludes on Thursday, March 3rd.In 2008, the Sakyong offered the worldwide Shambhala community teachings on meeting don season with mindfulness. Sakyong Mipham describes the season as well as the nature of obstacles and how they arise. He suggests ways we can meet these obstacles with practice, contemplation, and practicality to emerge with a "fresh start" that can resolve the past and elevate our view in the coming year.The Tibetan New Year is March 5 and, in Shambhala culture is celebrated as Shambhala Day.
Often things get kind of wonky at the end of the old year - the accumulated karma working itself out. A good thing to do besides meditating (practice, sit) is to clean up stuff that you have let gather dust. So I did that. I went to see the accupuncturist I adore because my back is not good. I went to the gp and got a prescription for a puffer that had run out and I went to the peridontist and had gum surgery. Oh man, I've been pricked, prodded and patched. I do like that sewing was involved though. I told my peridontist that there was something rather comforting about having someone sew in your mouth (once I was adequately frozen that is).

This weekend I think I will do a really good drubbing of the house and in particular my office. I've already cleaned my shrine and I have managed to keep our bedroom clean for a couple of years now. This is true! I'm a fanatic about it because I need a refuge from dusty contaminants so that it is.

What else needs to be done? I need to get all my old tax stuff up to date. I need to do paperwork for my health insurance and other tricksty adult stuff. I want to order my baby chicks so they are here in April and will need to clean out Ron's workshop for that. He wants to bring in the row boat for repairs and paint job - so that has to happen first. I want to sit down with Ron and figure out what needs to be done to this house as we are putting it on the market in the early summer. I have a pretty good idea and it isn't too much but will involve some elbow grease and ingenuity.

And I want to have a goal to finish this draft of True and get it to the lovely person who is going to do a thorough line edit of it.

And I want to get seeds that need going going and that means looking up last years gardening book and getting trays and dirt and oooh what fun!

Oh and I need a haircut.

How about you? How are your goals and resolutions and cleaning upses going?

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Gardeningbren said...

Oh my...reading this makes me tired))) but will work harder to achieve my goals...thanks for the reminder.