Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st and I've got my mojo working

Hello all dear readers - man, this has been a tough winter and spring but I'm coming up and out of it now. I lay in bed this morning and realized it was time to 'pitter-patter fly atter' as my dear Daddio would say. I've been slogging through grief and I know I'm not done AND I still need to keep moving in a positive direction.

I love the start of a month, the start of a year, the start of school (even though it has been quite a few decades since that made any difference in my life) - I love a fresh start even it is entirely made up by me. So, here are my resolutions for May.

Meditation (sitting) - I will get back on the horse. After being most regular with it and knowing how helpful it was during the time immediately following Dad's death, I will go back to making sure I get my bum on a cushion every day.

Writing - I've been in a limbo of drifting expectations over the last month and I want to refocus my intentions with my works. I started in on Earth Bound on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week and that was swell. It is the second in my Kitty MacDonald books and only half-done (a curse on NaNoWriMo) True is out being line-edited so I only need to focus on my query materials with that - at least until I get it back! The Rock Walker (1st Kitty Mac Book) is at a contest but there is nothing saying I can't make the structural changes I started in order to enter it in said contest. So - at least a couple of hours a day of writing, revising or querying is in order.

The Bod. - I'm eating too much and not taking my body out walking or swimming enough. I'm clear on what has to happen here.

The paperwork - urgggh. I must get through this panicky terrible bunch of thingies! No need to dwell - I simply will devote an hour a day to clearing it up until it is done.

The Garden - today I plan on getting some flats planted with tomatoes. I'm slower than I wanted to this year but I have my reasons. My garden is in good shape and I am not going to go crazy with millions of flats like last year. The garlic is up and the parsley is peeking. I'm not digging in the garden until it isn't so wet but I will turn over my compost and have a look at what else needs doing.

The Chickens - I emailed our provider and we should be able to go next weekend or sooner to pick up 12 lovely chicks! Today I will find everything needed to make them happy in the workshop. That is a box, (not too big for a week or two), the heat lamp, the tiny metal feeder, the water dishes and shavings. Woot! Woot! I can't wait.

The House - Sweet Patootie and I need to decide pretty soon what we're doing - selling, creating a suite downstairs, selling other property....what??? All that means figuring out what to do next - gussy up the yard and do some small repairs here, we have to fix the roof up the hill and we might make that property ready to sell with not toooooo much effort. But first with the decisions.

My Practice - my therapy practice needs some spring cleaning too. I need to get in touch with folks, get some materials out so I can spruce it up. Not ignore it...

I think that about covers it - the other areas in my life - my family, grandkids, friends etc... are being taken care of best I can. I guess I mean, I'm not in need of discipline in those areas but these ones I am.

And now - some photos from yesterday's chores in town!

step-dot with new 'do' - I love her and it! She's so funky!!!!!

not the market but still fun!

two kids I love

our house is a very very nice house with twelve chicks in the yard, life used to be so hard, but everything is better cuz of you...


Maggie said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I'm quite sure I'm not up to as many May resolutions as you are but maybe getting back up on the blog.... Sending good wishes for May!

Gardeningbren said...

Thanks for today. xo