Monday, May 9, 2011

socks are a healing thing

I've been a bit blue this spinter, what with one thing and another. But one thing has been a delight to my heart and soul and that has been knitting. Late to start (always a seasonal thing for me) this year I decided to tackle some things I'd been afraid of - lace and socks. And now I've got it! I'm on my second pair of socks and quite please with the results. I've learned to turn a heel and count out how to do my gussets. I've ripped out and started over a few times, I've looked at the puzzle of them, and I find that when things are racing around my crazy mind, counting slowly and paying attention to every little stitch is just the ticket. Yes, ma'am, it is.
I haven't gotten into the garden, I haven't planted seedlings, the rain won't stop and I just haven't had the energy for it, but knitting has kept me grounded all the same. Bless small pleasures. Bless them.
What are yours?

Note: for those of you who like to know - the first socks I knit were guided entirely by my friend, Susan Wakefield. Her formula if you like. Then I got about four hundred sock books out of the library -seriously, at least twelve! Then I found one I thought I could handle - it is all about the numbers for me so... I used this book - Homespun Handknit by Amy Clarke Moore and the project is self-striping socks by Kathleen Taylor.  So, I didn't use handspun, I used bits and bobs of regular weight wool - probably mostly  Cascade as I am mad for that. I used bigger needles - 3.75mm. (not 3mm & 3.25mm). I striped when I felt like it. .And the turn was slightly different than Susan's and I just want to try a bunch of different things so I will know how the whole thing works. So. I am triumphant! Now, will I be able to knit another to match it? Stay tuned....and if you have an easy fun sock pattern, do tell!

Sock update! : When I wrote this first I thought the heel pattern was different than the one I used first. Well, it was but I also read it wrong so my heels won't match - hopefully no one will notice! It was weird though because I totally read it wrong and almost read it wrong twice! Tricksy.
I like this pattern and will definitely use it again as a basic sock...


Anonymous said...

My kingdom for an easy sock pattern.

This winter a sock may be the ultimate quest.

Jude said...

Absolutely love it! Thought there were two so was REALLY impressed, but stripes and heels are great. Good to hear from you.

Gardeningbren said...

Beautiful socks..bravo...well done!

As for planting out seeds..well, the weather is not cooperating...likely they would wash away or to wait..did plant peas today...very late I know; hoping they won't rot.

You know what's going to happen..cold and wet will turn to melting temps and dry overnight.