Sunday, September 4, 2011

Precious Days

Today is one of those watershed days - or perhaps more like a threshold day. Yes, that's it. A day on the doorway between summer and autumn - between lazy crazy and earnest beaver - between having a full compliment of kids and one going off to join the bigger world. S.P.'s son is moving to town, sharing an apartment with a school friend. While SP helped him move his bits and bobs, the step-dot and I took a day down the shore. We wandered into antique stores, ate a leisurely lunch on the deck of a restaurant that used to be a house I lived in, talked and laughed and made up stories. It was a great day. Now I'm back - the house is a tumble of moved couches and stuff - the truck is full but the boys aren't moved yet. SP is making dinner and even though we aren't going anywhere and my step-son has lived at his mum's for the past ten months - it still feels distinctly odd around here.
It was seven months ago today that my dad died - and tomorrow my mum would've turned 95 - so I'm drifting in that world of yesterday and tomorrow.
  yes, her hair is blue, isn't it divine!

Here are some pictures of today...


KarenG said...

I have had a lot of those kinds of days this year. It's nice to take a moment and reflect on what it all means.

Gardeningbren said...

Threshold days...I love those words..that's where I am living..standing in the doorway, will I work in the garden, will I work inside, will I take care of this or that...NAH...just gonna veg.

Love the blue hair!