Friday, October 7, 2011

October skies

I pondered doing a cloud diary for NaBloWriMo (national blog writing month - which incidentally should be IaBloWriMo as it is International, but I digress). I love clouds and sky features of any sort. Weather, I guess. But, I'm doing my daily blogging on my writing site (Jan Morrison, this crazy writing life) - so if you're here from that - check out that site. Today I have some random shots of October. Some are from High Head where me and the man went awandering  last Friday. Some are from me and the dog walking in the woods and I don't know what else I might pop on here.
On the chicken front - they are named and we have all we're going to have.
Rooster (black australorp) : Black Bart
Hens:  Crow (bl. aus.)
           The Hammer (rir)
           Babs ( silver wiandotte)
           Beauty ( golden wi)
           Bella (silver wiandoote)
           Bonita (rir)

On the lace front - I've started the dragon scale shawl again - got a smaller diameter circular needle to use for the life line and am hoping for the best.


Liza said...

Love these pictures. The second to last one is my favorite.

Jan Morrison said...

thanks Liza - it is a very Peggy's Cove photo, though it was taken at Round Rock Beach near Prospect. I love this area!

Jude said...

Good to see your photos and hear about the home front. Love the pics - what is the arc above the rocks, not a rainbow but?

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Jude - it is a fog bow - read about it in my weather guide before we went!!! Isn't it soooo nice.