Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunny with chance of joy

Yes, I want new improved weather reports. Today it is sunny and coldish. I can see the sunny and SP tells me about the coldish. I'll take Hoagy for a stroll sometime but not just yet. I've got lots to do. One of those things is report to you, my faithful readers of my non-writing life. I haven't been good at it lately as I've been finishing my revisions on my book. Today is the day I hope to finish it! Ta dah! But not 'ta dah' yet because I still have a fair chunk to polish.
I dreamt about my chickens last night. Does that ever happen to you? In my dream I kept them both here at home and at work. I guess there was some travelling back and forth with them and anywhoozie I was trying to decide if I shouldn't just keep them at home. So I could spend more time with them! Also, I was renaming them all so that there names all started with F. I'd gotten as far as one (one we don't have anymore) being called Fiona. Fortunately I woke up before I got any further. eeek.
The flock is happy on a day like today - so sunny and they can search for the minute little sprouts and seeds that still remain in the ground. They forage much farther in the winter and have to do it in a much shorter time. They must be worn out little birds by the time they leap up on their roost to go to sleep. And they are producing like mad. Never mind that it is mid-winter - we got four on Friday (and there are only 4 hens) and three yesterday. No slackers these birds.
I might make them some nice warm oatmeal today. They love that and I put in a bit of oil and apple bits and squash seeds and yoghurt. Yummy.
I have barn-heart today. Barn-heart is when you looooooong for your own wee farm with a barn and a few animals. I want to go into the barn today and muck out the donkey's stall. Yes, I do.
And how are you all?
The other day, coming home from seeing my grandkids, I saw a black and grey spotty fox carrying a white rabbit down the road.
Yes, I did and I didn't have my camera.
this is what I dream of this time of year...paddling to bone beach with the one.
Hope you are all having fun in your own way...


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Can't say I've ever dreamed about chickens before.
Bummer you couldn't get a picture of that fox!

Gardeningbren said...

Barn heart...I know how you must be feeling. Someday..right!

Anonymous said...

sounds like gourmet dishes for chooks -

I bet there are recipes for them..

Jan Morrison said...

There are Denise - I had one published in The Backyard Chicken Cook Book. I think it was the only one FOR chickens NOT including them in the ingredients!