Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Moving ... again

For once and for all I'm going to count out how many houses I've lived in. And I'm going to do it here so there is a semi-permanent record. Here goes:

1. Medicine Hat (or the base nearby)
2. Rivers, Manitoba
3. the base in Edmonton, Alberta
4. Osgoode, Ontario
5. Merivale Gardens, ON
6. funny row house near Rockliffe, Ottawa
7. Rainsford St., Ottawa
8. Colorado Springs
9. Oakville, ON
10. Charkay St., Ottawa

got married 1st time

11. basement apt. Ottawa
12. rent-assisted high rise, Ottawa
13. Holmwood Ave.
14. house in front of Queensway, Ottawa

left husband

15. Cameron St., Ottawa
16. Harvard St., Ottawa
17. Jim's house, Duncan's Cove, NS
18. Doll House, Duncan's Cove, NS
19. Triple A-Frame, Duncan's Cove, NS
20. Lacey Mines Rd., Chester Basin, NS
21. house in front of old folk's home, Chester, NS
22. Zeballos, BC
23. Doris and George's house, Chester, NS
24. Queen & Pleasant, Chester, NS
25. Mushroom House, Chester, NS (Brownless's)
26. Marvin's Island, Chester Basin, NS
27. Haddon Hill, Chester, NS
28. House above Mill, Chester, NS
29. House on Valley Rd., Chester, NS
30. Tower Rd., Halifax, NS
31. Duncan St., Halifax
32. Morris St., Hfx
33. Inglis St. Hfx
34. South St., Hfx
35. Church St., Hfx
36. Compton St., Hfx.
37. Oak St., Hfx.
38. Inglis St. Condo, Hfx.
39. Findlay St., Hfx.
40. James St., Prospect Bay
41. Rosalie Ave., Prospect Bay
42. ????? Boutlier's Point followed by James St. again...

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Taos Sunflower said...

Wowzer. I thought I held the record at 34 moves. I'm wondering if your "moving buzzer" goes off at a regular interval like mine does? Usually it's every two years, I get itchy, like I'm supposed to be moving again (even though I always swear I'll never ever move again). My thoughts are with you.