Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Where We Went

And here is a map of our hike! I took a photo of a map that is up in the house here and I carefully marked it in the computer to show you where we went. If it looks like we couldn't have walked on water - we did! We walked on a crazy spit that goes out into The Bight towards an island called One Tree Island that actually has three on it! We could've probably walked to the island but I didn't have high boots. So there!

Here's another photo of what I'm talking about ... here is one of SP and Bella. They are further out than I am and it looks like I'm not on it cuz it is very wavy!  Note One Tree Island!

this one is on our way back to the beach for our boil-up to give you an idea of how outrageously out there it is!


Anonymous said...

Oh my...this looks scarey with all that water around you. So is this natural or man-made? I imagine a boil-up after that would be a welcome treat. xo

Gardeningbren said...

Is it covered in high tide? What a great walk! Love the map!

Jan Morrison said...

Hello you two! Kathy this is all natural! It is a sand-bar. Brenda, the inner line of snow is where the high tide gets to. Ron says it would never be completely covered but of course in a few weeks you won't see it as the whole lake will be covered in ice and snow - it is a deep inland sea. So weird and lovely.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous walk - I like the map and imagining you walking on water.

Jan Morrison said...

Honora! Are you our Honora, sister of Lillian, Anne-Marie and John? Or a stranger wandering through my life waiting to be introduced?