Saturday, May 10, 2014

the second quilt is pieced together...

Quilt #2 is well on its way. It is from a quilt along on Stitched in Color and is called a Penny Patch Quilt. It has been fun and fairly easy to do so far.

Some differences? I'm doing mine entirely by hand - no machines at all. People might say 'but doesn't that take a great deal of time?' and well, yes, I suppose it does. What do I have lots of? Time! How do I feel when sitting at a sewing machine? Aggravated. How do I feel sitting on the couch looking out the bay, listening to CBC and hand sewing? Excellent! 

Today I will sew the four double rows of blocks together. Tomorrow I will make the quilt sandwich and baste it well together. Then on Monday I will start hand-quilting it. I plan on doing a free hand spiral pattern in each square - so three sizes of them through-out. I could just stitch in the ditch, as they say, for ease but again, why do things because they are easier when I'm trying to learn?

This quilt, like the last, is made of old shirts and a few old blouses that I got at the thrift store. I did buy the backing for this one, having no bits of material about that belong to me. If I were home in Nova Scotia I'd have lots but not here. I'll show you more steps along the way as I do them.

 here are some of the penny patch blocks - I did 40 of them and 40 plain squares for a picnic quilt that will be 4 feet square.

here are the first two strips ready to be pinned and stitched!

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