Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm hooking a wee rug

And I can't show pictures because it is going to be a gift and I don't trust that it won't be seen - however unlikely that may seem.

I haven't hooked for over thirty years! I'm doing the same as I did then - using wool yarn not strips. No dying or gathering or cutting for me. Why would I when there is always bits of wool around tempting me?  I knew roughly what I wanted to hook and made a drawing (after much mooching around online) and I'm having fun putting colours together. It is about 15 by 20 inches or so - a small mat, a hanging, maybe it could turn into a bag or some such other thing. It is fun to be creating and I do love how the colours pop out. No counting which is awfully nice too.

I will get back to my quilt when the snow flies. The top is pieced and the three pieces are basted. I've done some of the hand-quilting and I now know how long and tedious of a job it will be. Hopefully we will have a bigger monitor to watch flicks on (instead of our laptop) as I can quilt and watch - kind of!

Sorry I haven't been here at all - getting back into Labrador life is quite a re-entry. I might have the bends! So much solitude, walking, beauty, loneliness. I've got lots of photos on my sojournerinlabrador site (see button to right). If I seriously got into rug-hooking I'd have no end of inspiration. Maybe for my next one I'll use these photos - I'd like a crow mat.


Liza said...

My grandmother hooked rugs. She cut the wool and probably colored the felt for all I knew. I wish I'd learned that from her. Lovely pictures.

Robyn said...

Please do post some pix when you feel it is safe - I would love to see!! Your photographs are gorgeous. What fun that you were in the Bay of Islands. I am so sorry that we didn't connect, although I feel that we will at some point. Be gently upon re-entry....I am pretty sure that there aren't any rules about how it is supposed to be, so maybe it is just this!