Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fat Saturday

Yes - the step-dot and I stepped out yesterday. We went to the Hubbards Market instead of the down townie one. It was fun. Lots of plants, not too much real food but we found some.

We met old guys (see Crazy Jane), heard stories, talked heather winter-care and other esoteric gardening things.

Then we went home the slow away along the shore. If I told you there were diamonds on the water and the colour was cobalt and turquoise and that we talked about all manner of funny and important things would you get the idea of a fat saturday? We stopped at the Finer Diner and had eggs benny with smoked salmon and black coffees (oh yes, the step-dot is practising for when she goes to Paris sometime and wears a black beret). She made towers of milk containers...
Life doesn't get sweeter than these days.


Mason Canyon said...

Great photos. Neat tower, she's did well. :)

Thoughts in Progress

Gardeningbren said...

Didn't make it to the Hubbards Market!! Went to Windsor instead...see blog... had a great day by the sound of it...step dot..I love that!! Fat SAT!! love that too)))

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Mason - yep, she's always fun!
Brenda - yes, the market was wonderful. I had a nice long talk with John (brit guy) about how I killed my Red Fred heather last year. Got another and am crossing my fingers. I planted it last night! Had to put all sorts of rocks around it otherwise the wicked wicked chooks would toss it out with their scratching. grrrrrh.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I like this blog, Jan. Nice photos and an interesting mix of posts.

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks Patricia, it's a work in progress but it is nice to keep my somewhat fractured life in separate compartments.