Wednesday, June 2, 2010

expanding the family...

Today I'm getting a visit from the Nova Scotia International Student Program. We are hoping to host an international student in the fall. Ron and I talked it over with the kids and they are very enthusiastic. It means some shifting around - my desk or a version of it will end up in the living room or in our bedroom. The living room would be great because I don't like electronics in the bedroom and really when everyone is doing what they do (like blogging, or researching, or tooling around) they are in their rooms. We keep our TV such as it is, in the den downstairs and I would have the room pretty much to myself. I wouldn't mind joining Ron downstairs where his computer is (in the den) but there really isn't room. Anyway  - all that is workable.  I'm nervous about introducing a new element to the household and excited too. I like our life and I'd like to share it. I think it will be fabulous for our kids to get a hit of another culture too. I'll let you know how it works
this is me many years ago enjoying the camping life...

As you may know from my other site - Crazy Jane - I am deep into revisions of my novel 'True' so I might not be as attentive as I would like! On the other hand - this is a nice diversion and since I work on the carrot and stick approach - posting here and answering comments would be a lovely carrot!

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Gardeningbren said...

The sun is coming dogs for supper it is!! Love the photo....were we ever that young?? ))))

Hope you get your Int. will enrich your life, I am sure of it.