Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friends...oh friends!

I am so rich with friends. I'm Rockafeller, I'm the Bill Gates of friend richness. I'm Oprah and Ted Turner! If having friends was like having beauty (and I like to think it is) I'm Helen of Troy. Or Julia Roberts or the Grand Canyon.
Today, this afternoon, after working and spending some time with my pal, Arlo, I went to hang with my bud, Marion. She and her one have been living away for the past year and a bit, taking care of an elderly parent. I miss her like a birch tree misses its bark after the boy scout troupe moves through! And I'm the lucky one - cuz I still have piles of good close dear buds here while she is bereft.
So we each lay on a couch (ours is a languid sort of relationship) and talked about things that deeply matter to us - our Buddhist practices, our families, our heartbreak at not being able to break through with some people we love but don't operate with the same ground of intimacy that we do. We drank tea and ate crackers and dipped in and out of each other's lives. She comes here about once a month for a week or less and we always organize time together - we go down the shore or just hang out and yack. On Saturday night we'll have a babe's gathering - we always do when she's here because time with her is so incrediably precious.
Having good buds who you can REALLY talk to about everything - the good, the bad and the oh so ugly - who aren't afraid of the country of emotions - is an essential element of living the simple life. Crucial.


Mason Canyon said...

Those types of good friends are crucial to our being who we are. It's great to have a friend like that.

Thoughts in Progress

Rayna M. Iyer said...

And I am blessed that I met you, my friend from across the globe.

The current controversy in India is about how the Canadian government has been consistently refusing visas to people who have served in the Indian Armed Forces or Police citing the "poor human rights record" of the institutions. Canada is the enemy, and people were shouting a lot of nasty things about Canada, and I was thinking, "hey, hang on a moment, I know a whole bunch of Canadians, and I like them all." If only individuals would talk more, and listen more.....

Jan Morrison said...

Mason - yes it is. It enriches every aspect of life. I'm also grateful for my blog friends and surprisingly (to me) I seem to feel fonder and fonder of you all. Surprising I guess because I've never laid eyes on you!
Natasha - Yes! Nothing goes on in the news we get about India that I don't consider you. Unfortunately with the business you are discussing, I might (after a careful examination) be with the shouters. The world over citizens wish to be understood outside of the political forces but it is so hard to do so. I do not respect our prime minister. He is a fundamentalist and is particularly bad when it comes to forcing his own narrow doctrines on women, reproduction rights and the poor. He can't quite do it in the arena here but he can do it with foreign policy. It is terrible and I'm ashamed of him. Bah!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

It is a real pity that people confuse other people with the governments that they happen to have.
The man is definitely dumb or dangerous, or both, but can anything be served by saying we should deny visas to the Canadian team wanting to participate in the Commonwealth Games in October?