Thursday, May 27, 2010


For quite awhile I've been torn between wanting a blog devoted to my writing and another that carried all the other facinations I have. Because most of my followers are those that are writers - I have kept Crazy Jane as my writing spot. If you are here that is because you want the t'other Jan - the one who posts recipes and chats about the dharma, the chickens, the garden so here we go! Maybe you like ALL of me and so go between the two - or maybe you are entirely new and have come across this blog because of the title or through some other way. However you got here - I'm delighted to have you! Please follow me again or anew and comment or lurk if that is your want. I will post links between these sites!
If there is something in particular you like to hear me ramble on about - here is your chance. I will probably post blogs two to four times a week - we'll see how that goes.

My first being here post is to welcome you and tell you I CAME HOME TO FIND MY CHOOKS IN MY NEW PERENNIAL BED! Arggh...they've been gardening and it isn't pretty. I can't keep them out - they are like cats not dogs and will not be trained. I've put nice big rocks all around my poor new perennials - but they are mad scratchers so we'll see. I know many folks would just keep them in their fenced in yard but it is no fun for them and no fun for us. We love looking out and seeing them at their earnest travails and I suppose this the price I must pay. I could grow any perennials I desire to a goodly size in side of the fenced vegetable garden but hey it is small enough already. Any suggestions?


Mason Canyon said...

No suggestions, but it sounds like fun to watch. Congratulations on the start of this blog. Looking forward to reading about the "So-Called Simple Living."

Thoughts in Progress

Jan Morrison said...

thanks Mason - you are a TRUE BLUE and I really appreciate you!

Watery Tart said...

I definitely like both Jans. As writers, I feel like we are peers--in very similar spots. In this other stuff, I feel like you are wiser and have a lot to teach me.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

I am greedy. I want both Jans, because I like them both a lot. There is the writer me, that will always love to read Crazy Jane, but the real me feels a karmic connection to the Jan who is blogging here.
Aren't I lucky to get two blogs from one person!

Jan Morrison said...

Hart - oh heck, sorry, you are Tartlett to me for now and forever. Thanks for your friendship - I would sit beside a river and drink a brewski with you any time!
Natasha - thanks dearheart! I too feel that connection. It is very good.