Friday, June 4, 2010

simply friday

ways to divert myself:

  1. did you know that if you look closely at your keyboard, or I suppose I should say mine, it is deep in lint and hair and other desk duff? I should get a special vacuum cleaner out - oh whoops - first I have to buy one - and then gently carefully clean this disgusting mess.
  2. I let the chickens out. I notice that their roost needs a scrape. I can't find the 'right' shovel to scrape it with. I go to the front yard. It is there leaning against the soaking wet deck chairs (lawn chairs really). I see a dandelion - I dig it out, I see another, I see another, I see another, I see another...repeat.
  3. I write an answer to a post comment. In the middle a client phones to talk. I talk no - I listen, I listen, I listen. When I get off the phone I fill out the international student forms. I walk the dog. I pick lupins - then I come back to see I haven't finished a ONE sentence answer to the post. I do. Several more people have commented in the mean time. Oh. Repeat.
  4. I go to my wip summary (the chore for today) I realize that I don't know if there is a hospital in Pincher Creek, Alberta. I go on line. I see an ad for a retreat/dude ranch near PC. I go to their web page. I look at all the pictures. I forget why I'm there. I look at property for sale and imagine telling Ron that we're moving to a ranch in the foothills of the Rockies. I notice my leg is hurting and remember getting x-rays yesterday. In the hospital. Ah! I look for hospital sites in southern Alberta. I see a site that is for a ranch that has buffalo. I go check it out. I imagine...repeat.
  5. I check for email. Why? Why? Why? I still don't want that money from that Nigerian and my penis is big enough for me. I answer an email from some friend asking me how the writing is going. I hit my head with my hand.

Bye now...have a nice weekend....


Elspeth Antonelli said...

We're obviously the same person.

Jan Morrison said...

you just figgerin' dat out???

Helen Ginger said...

Ahh, this makes me laugh. It must be a virus going around, 'cause you just described my mornings. Sign me...Jan Elspeth Helen.

Jan Morrison said...

Helen - ah, so glad that I've become conjoined triplets! Now we can really get at those accordion lessons.