Thursday, July 1, 2010

oh Canada...

Happy Canada Day to all who drop by! You might have thought I was a monarchist from my last blog but I assure you all - I am not! I merely like the Queen and think she does pretty well at fulfilling what is a tremendously challenging job.
If I'm not a monarchist then am I proud of being a Canadian? You betcha. I love Canada - not blindly but fully.
So what am I doing on Canada Day?
The wash.
Yep, the wash and the floors and the bathrooms and walking the dog and weeding the garden and working on my manuscript. In fact, not one thing out of the ordinary from a weekend day only no market to go to.
I don't like big beerfest and boating parties. The SP and I have plans for a canoedal early on saturday morning when there won't be so many yahoos about. He and the step-dot are working on the sailboat. With any luck the darn thing will be finished this weekend and then that fun can begin.
So how might I carve out just the littlest bit of Canadjun day fun without going into town, battling crowds searching for parking places to stand up and hope that this year the fog won't cancell the fireworks?
I think I'll go buy a bunch of strawberries and make shortcake biscuits. I might see if Annie wants to go for a swim off her bit of property.  Maybe we'll thaw out some caribou steaks for dinner...
maybe I'll just hum the national anthem under my breath.
pomp and circumstance? I got enough on Tuesday to last me for a loooooong time.
Here are some photos that make me happy I'm Canadian.

water in all its manifestations - the oceans, the lakes, the rivers...
Betty's Island, Prospect Bay, NS

my bro at a lake in Ontario...
the mighty St. Lawrence in Quebec
the frozen water of the Canal in Ottawa a few years ago - yep that's Daddio!

Peggy's Cove!

rainbows over the Keltic, Cape Breton Island

The Land in it all its variance and beauty...
the prairies of Manitoba

the softness of fall near Yarmouth, NS
the path in Winter near my home

Jude, Don and I in Banff, Alberta

and of course - the people
my great-great-grandparents holding my grandfather
in front of a soddy in Manitoba.

my Dad and my Uncle Jim - all joined up...
mom, jude, Aunt Winn and me on the ferry coming into Vancouver

I know, a pretty random bunch but this is MY CANADA!


Gardeningbren said...

AND YOUR CANADA is Beautiful!! Such a wonderful post...yeah...going out in the boat today if the weather holds))) wash!! Yeah Canada!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

What a wonderful country. But then it has to be to have produced someone as wonderful as you.
Happy Canada Day, my friend.

Jan Morrison said...

Brenda - out in the boat! Ah, I remember Canada Days in Chester. I would go with all my pals to Mountain Island for the annual nude Mountain Island Canada Day and Malcolm's Birthday weekend! Yay! So glad I don't do that anymore. Loved our boat though - the Marga. Ah.

Natasha - you are such a sweetheart! How I wish I could have you and your family over for dinner. Did you know that my sweet patootie is a world-class cook of Indian cuisine?! He is. And he isn't afraid to cook for our friends from India either. I would be! We're having Canadian cuisine (ha ha) tonight - caribou steaks, salad from my garden, potato salad and STRAWBERRY shortcake. Yeehaw!

Hart Johnson said...

Happy Canada Day, Jan! Your day sounds GREAT! I don't seem to be one for crowds anymore either... just a NICE day OFF...

Love the pics--water is me, too--love the various water sources. The old ones though, are FABULOUS!

Mason Canyon said...

Love the photos. Thanks for sharing. Hope you're having a great and Happy Canada Day.


Jan Morrison said...

tartlette - thank you deario - I had a lot of crowd on Tuesday with Betty and Phil!
Mason - I'm having just the right sort of Canada Day! we just ate caribou steaks, salad from the garden and potato salad with homemade mayonaise. yeehaw!

Cruella Collett said...

That sounds like a great way of celebrating, if you ask me. Happy Canada Day! :) (Though slightly belated - sorry for that)

Patricia Stoltey said...

After seeing all the Canada pictures of Canadian blogger friends, I think I need to spend more time up north. I hate to admit this, but I've only visited Montreal and Quebec City and the drive in between those cities.

Jan, please drop by my blog when you have time. I have an award for you today.

Jan Morrison said...

Hi CC - oh, we here in Canada are quite capable of making this last for the whole of a four day weekend!

Patricia - oh yes, you would love Nova Scotia which is easily the most gorgeous spot on earth! Ha ha!
I'll be by!