Sunday, August 22, 2010

catch up!

Hi dear readers!
My sister, Jude, tells me I'm letting the old guard down - not posting here enough. Truth is I'm tired but I'll pick up my socks and go into the fray.
(first sign of extreme tiredness - terribly mixed metaphors)

I'll catch you all up on the various levels of my so called simple life:

Chickens - good but need calcium input (limestone) - they have weak shells. urg.

Garden - totally nuts as is usual this time of year for me - good at the beginning, lousy in the long haul. The strawberries are fruiting which is great. The lettuce bolted when I was in Montreal. The tomatoes when they ripen will be legion - huge amount of tomatoes! the beans got squeezed out by a weed that looked like bean vine, the carrots are moseying along and so are the beets. No sign of the garlic or onions - they left town. The inside basil is good - the outside basil paltry. So...

Accordion playing is at a complete halt. I have been focussing any spare time on my revision so that and Knitting went the way of the dodo bird. But I'll come back to it - those are winter sports I think.

Cooking - yay - having a blast today - making a meal for friends - I'm making chickpea fritters (stuff already done and ready to fry) with a cilantro chutney (done and in the fridge) as well as a cauliflower dun that I'll start in fifteen minutes. Ron is making all sorts of other curries, dahl, rice, and a flat bread. We'll serve mojitos (I know I know but we like them) and beer with the food! Dessert is easy peasy from my friend Kerol - bang frozen raspberries in the cuisinart - while they whirl about throw in a container of whipping cream and a bit of honey. Instant delicious ice cream!

home front - did a major floor thing today - well ron did - washed and waxed the whole main floor. Wow! Looks great. Love having company. The move from one room (my former office now Felix's bedroom) to downstairs has been tedious and there is a lot of mess down here but hey! I can write down here (did it today) and that's all I care about.

How is everyone else doing?
Oh and the Hoagy dog is good but not to lively (doesn't like the heat and getting a bit old I guess).
Oh and we saw some sort of grey hawk/goshawk/raptor bird yesterday. Can't find it yet but I will. Really neat!


Liza said...

I enjoy reading your updates re: garden, cooking, floor. No wonder you are tired. LOVE Mojitos, but they kill me...I saw my first Osprey ever yesterday.

Gardeningbren said...

Oh I loved your update...thank heavens you are still with us!!

Chickens and calcium...just finished The Sea Captain's Wife by Beth Powning...seems the chicken onboard at sea had the same problem as yours so they ground up all the bone buttons on their clothing so the poor thing could have her calcium..1800's dear so you don't have to do that!!

Yes, no wonder you are tired...pace, I bet that floor looked fantastic!! Nothing beats a beautiful fresh waxed floor...

Pick blackberries...restful..

Gardeningbren said...

oh..the one of those, a button one, and can only play Over the Sea to Sky.. Can you play accompaniment)))

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Welcome back, Jan, to this blog!
And knitting is definitely a winter sport.

Jan Morrison said...

Liza - I do feel slightly killed this morning but I think it is just my stooooopid sinusitis kicking in for the fall (allergic to all the weeds growing in place of yard!) Ospreys are gorgeous! We're lucky - have piles of them here - still haven't tracked down the mysterious slim all grey hawk thingy but will!
Brenda - oh I want to read this book! I love Beth Powning... yep, we just need some crushed oyster shell. Plastic buttons not so good. Oh Brenda - you have a button accordion too! We have to get together when gardening is done!
Natasha - yes, it always has been for me though I know lots of fanatics that do it all year round. I feel no interest as soon as it gets hot and every year I think I'm done but every fall I pick up the needles again and go back at it!

Googlover/keishua said...

I have to agree with Natasha-knitting seems to work better in the winter and the fall. Crochet is suppose to be the summer yarn lovers sport.

Mary said...

Good grief, Jan, did you breathe when you wrote this -- or lived it for that matter?
My first time here and I really like this side of you.