Friday, August 6, 2010

it is late in the day and yet we still work on...

It is late in the day, yet we still tarry our task to move my work area down to the den and make my former office, Felix's room. I write this at the desk down in the den while Ron says to me "Stendhal?" And I say "oh yes, keeping the Stendhal. He just did that with Ondaatje's 'Diviserado' and I know now he is kidding me. How about 'Slippy McGee' or 'Thadeus of Warsaw' both ancient books with mouldy bindings. Nah - says I - they can go. Why are we doing this? Because I have two bookcases in my 'former' office and I need them cleared out and the only way is if we get rid of piles of books. So we are gleaning them from the bookcases down here. We'll take them to the second-hand book store and Wayne will tell us which ones he can take and which ones 'oh, no couldn't get rid of that in a month of Sundays'. Then we'll take our bit of cash and take the others to Value Village or somewhere like that.
The point is - I'm here - writing downstairs - and the bed is upstairs in what is now Felix's room. There is still lots to do - lots to move and shuffle but if he arrived tomorrow - he'd have a nice comfy bed to sleep on.
Tomorrow morning, Sweet-Patootie, number two son and I will go to the NEW market. Step-dot is at cadet camp learning to be a Buddhist warrior so she will have to wait. Cal, #2 son, is in town for a month and I've only seen him once so am glad to be able to spend some time with him. And SP will go because he hates the crowdyness of the old one so wants to see how this one is.
Later dear ones.


Liza said...

Hope you enjoy the market!

Jan Morrison said...

Liza - as it happens -we didn't. My sweet patootie only said he'd come because he would never go to the overcrowded old one - hates crowds with a passion. this one, perhaps because it was the first day, was, in the words of my son, 'looking like a rock concert'. REALLY crowded and without the benefits of the old one - cozy hidey places, catacomb like passage ways etc... This was a HUGE room with rows of stalls and a sea of humans. Ron lasted about five and a half minutes and then told us he'd make his way back to the car getting a coffee (at the place across the street) and would see us when we were done!
I'm not going to give up - I know it was the first one but GAWD it was awful.

Anonymous said...

busy busy busy!

I hope you are nice and settled in your new digs now..

Anita said...

Busy, but fun, I think. Even if the market wasn't perfect.

Gardeningbren said...

Heh it working out? Hope so.