Sunday, August 1, 2010

Out the Bay

This morning my sweet patootie and I went out the bay in the canoe.  We took the gear for making coffee and a picnic and I wore my bathing suit under my clothes...
I always feel like I'm paddling in a Group of Seven painting

a little past here we saw an otter couple running along the shore...

half inch frozen all over but HAPPY

SP makes coffee...see my blue toes?

waiting for the brew to brew while contemplating beauty

clouds upside down side

disembled mussle farm

a Monet

modern art
weed dance



Gardeningbren said...

You have such an eye for photography..these are just awesome..truly fantastic...what a day out....

Thanks dearie for showing the photos...makes me ALMOST want to go for a swim )))

Liza said...

That was one delicious and beautiful cup of coffee. Thank you for sharing.

Chary Johnson said...


It is truly beautiful where you live. I think I may just take a trip with the family to Canada to see it's wonders.

I love the story behind the photos.

Great photos!

Bronx Tales & Inner Musings

Hart Johnson said...

Truly gorgeous, Jan. I know you know how lucky you are, so I won't tell you, but it really is amazing.

Jan Morrison said...

Brenda - thank you sweetie! You're in the Ron category - has to be plenty hot for him to dip.
Liza - especially nice when you're cold from the North Atlantic!
Chary - come on up! You can stay with us and we'll take you out the bay...then I'll sneak down to you and hang around your hood.
Hart - thanks deario. I think it is lovely but whenever I see other places I know beauty is truly everywhere.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

I can't even envy you for being surrounded by so much beauty, because you share it with us so unselfishly.

Lynda Young said...

Oh wow, it looks like such an amazing place. It reminds me of a place I used to go camping/canoeing in NSW.