Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Review...

No, not a review of a book but a review of how my discipline has been going. Overall I am pretty pleased. I've done most of what I wanted to. Where I've fallen down has been mostly about time so I've missed a couple of walks and one day meditating. I am happy if I do MOST of what I want to do so will not go too far in feeling bad.

1. Meditate for half hour a day. - only missed one day this week. I'm loving getting back into this and plan a long session for today.

2. Walk, swim or exercise five days a week.: Have walked most days but don't feel like I'm pushing it enough. It is the first real heavy duty week of my allergy season though so am quite congested and wheezy. I did make arrangements to swim at a pool in town (bought a thirty swim pass) and Ron and I are going to start Tai Chi in the new community centre about eight minutes from here.  That course starts tomorrow night. I haven't done Tai Chi in years and Ron hasn't ever BUT it was his idea!

3. Write five days a week (check Crazy Jane for elaboration on this). - done!
4. Take my vitamins, floss my teeth and eat what is good for me.
taken to Molly's fresh from my garden on Friday!

 - not back on strict diet but being careful and feel pretty good about it. Went to the market with Felix yesterday and got some very nice food. Ron is energized by having a new person to cook for and has been outdoing himself with great meals. Vitamins and flossing I've done daily - I go to the dentist tomorrow for a cleaning and I know I'm in good shape there.

5. Clean up my paperwork - spend an hour a day on this until done. got some done but not nearly enough. This is the area I feel the most resistant and will continue to struggle with no doubt. I will try and do some today as I have a good chunk of time.

6. Begin some networking through Women in Business for both my therapy practice and my educational writing consulting business. - yes, did this. Have met a couple of people for this and had a coaching session last night that was very helpful. Going to a networking 'do' this week.

7. Learn to put something by - pickles, jams or jellies. Start with ONE. - nope, haven't done this yet.

8. Take dancing lessons with Sweet Patootie (yes - he wants to do this!) - no, decided on Tai Chi instead.

9. Watch the pennies more carefully. - yes, took lunches or had them here. Paid attention to dough generally.

and most importantly -

10. Remember that I chose this life and be cheerful with it! - Yes! Built into this and my sitting practice...

step-dot & Felix at Peggy's Cove after Earl - tampered with to give the feeling of an early kid's reader...

step-dot at Queensland Beach post Earl...sepia'd for that 1950's look

Felix at our fave fish & chip shop - he's having real Canadian adventures!


Gardeningbren said...

Sounds as if you are doing remarkably well...bravo and keep it up, as cheerfully as you can)))

Mason Canyon said...

Oh, the Tai Chi sounds like fun. I really have got to make myself do some exercises of any kind. LOL You're on a good track, best of luck.

Thoughts in Progress

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Brenda - so far so good AND it is only a few days in so won't get too puffed up yet!
Mason - yep, I did it years ago and loved it. Especially fending off monkeys and one that reminded me of that dweeby guy on SCTV! Oh Martin Short as Ed Grimley - love that posture!!

Cruella Collett said...

You're doing great!!! Kudos for sticking to your plan (and for having one in the first place) :)

KarenG said...

When you are ready to do some canning, try watermelon rind pickles. They're so sweet, spicy and yummy.

Hart Johnson said...

You're doing fabulous, Jan! I love that you and Ron are taking a Tai Chi class together! Wish the hubby had any inclination to move... like... at all.

Where is Felix from? I hope you have a great year with him!

Jan Morrison said...

Oh Mari! Have to have a plan if only to ignore it...
Karen - sounds good -think I may be going for a plum preserve though - want something that reflects what grows around here and watermelons do but not enough to pickle them!
Hart - You coulda knocked me over with a feather when he suggested it but not because he isn't in shape - he's mr. slim bones cuz he works as a builder and he canoes etc... but more because, well, tai chi? You mean a contemplative art? Yikes. For me yepper but him not so much. We'll see.