Monday, October 11, 2010

Maritime Fall Fair A Big Bust!

OK - I officially give up. I nearly gave up last year but I thought I'd give those guys one more chance. Well fughedaboudid!  Here's what the what on that.
The Maritime Fall Fair used to be the Atlantic Winter Fair. I guess pretty soon it'll be the Prospect Rd. Tuesday afternoon Fair.
It used to run 9 or 10 days - now it is 4. The midway has shrunk which is no real biggy to me but I'm guessing it is to all the little-me's out there who love the smell of cotton candy, french fries and hot pavement!
Today we went into the side door as requested and walked through the same hurdles the Amazing Crazy Dogs used to have to. And then they charged us $12 to get in!! In to what??? A big nothing that's what! No room with quilts and stitchery and jams and jellies and so on. Hardly any produce anywhere. Not too many farmers around - lots of people selling nail polish and cheap leather thingys. A Bust I tell ya!

I took Felix to the petting zoo and the midway and to see some cows judged. He was severely depressed by the whole thing - I could tell. But then so was I.  Oh well, I got some pictures....

check out this amazing fish horse going around the pole - look ma - no legs!


Hart Johnson said...

That really stinks, Jan! Sorry your fair has shrunk to unrecognizable proportions. Man, I used to love the fair when I was little. We are horrible parents though, and don't take our kids, largely because of that hefty price tag for eating, riding, etc... We DO have a rides and food carnival that comes each summer, and the kids do that without us, but yes... the wandering animals and such I sort of miss.

Anonymous said...


things just aint how they were

in the good old days.

The main draw would be the handcrafts and see the beest cake and all that.

Things a fair was originally designed to do.