Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Deary is gone...

Deary, for those of you who don't keep up, is one of our original hens. We got her as part of the twelve day-old-chicks we took home two and a bit years ago. She distinguished herself from the git-go - always looking at us with her bright cute face and loving any attention.
She was a Speckled Sussex which is a lovely old breed of chicken - all nice and freckly and quite a little fatty too. On Monday morning while I sat at my desk as I do now she looked in the window at me. She gave me quite a look- as if she knew we were planning on culling the flock to make way for newer hens that would actually lay an egg now and then. I felt guilty as I'm always going to be somewhat conflicted about keeping critters and all that it means.
That evening when Ron came home the chickens weren't out to see him. He had to call them and they came slowly and seemed very frightened. He got all of them back in the coop but Deary. She wasn't there the next morning either so that afternoon he went looking for her. We think it must have been a hawk or eagle - any other predator would've taken her away - this one took what they wanted on the spot.
this is Deary when she was a wee fuzz-butt
And if you're wondering - no we don't bury them - her poor little corpse went into the green bin. It was picked up this morning. Ron came to bring me my coffee in bed and said 'it was a short but moving service'.


Mason Canyon said...

So sorry about Deary. I know it's part of life's cycle, but you still can't help but be a little sad. She was an adorable wee fuzz-butt.

Thoughts in Progress

Liza said...

It's life. But it's still sad.

Anonymous said...

I must say I am feeling this part of the circle acutely right now.

The end was in sight for Deary, like it is for all of us.
Least you didnt have to make a decision - nature did.

Hart Johnson said...


Poor Deary. She really does have an expressive face, so far as chicks go... Sorry she's gone!

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks all you wonderful chicks! I did feel it more acutely than any of the other goings of late particularly as she was so distinctive in her ways. Hmmm...may we all be thought so. Om Mane Padme Hum (Hail to the jewel in the lotus)

Jude said...

Sorry Dearie is gone, was going to join your quitting party but feel a connection to Dearie. I love the pics you've been posting, miss you. Got your parcel today so shall phone, just wanted this connection right now.
Thanks for both of your entertaining, instructive and challenging blogs.

Gardeningbren said...

Very sad to read that Dearie is gone. Such and expressive face..really, that photo should be a poster chick for some association...I donnow..."Save the wee Chicks Society" or???