Wednesday, November 10, 2010

knitting again...

I started a project last night. I got the wool and the plan from my dearest pal but I didn't quite have the knitting bug back. It strikes right around flu season for me - or in my case - stupid allergies hanging on and turning into asthma season - for sure I'm not allergic to wool as it has been in place for quite awhile. It is something to do with the weather. I am absolutely not interested from about May on - other passions take hold. Lots of folks I know are four season knitters but not me. So it was fun to get some wool on some needles. It is a fine knit - much smaller needles than I ususally use - American 7's in the round - and the wool is a gorgeous aubergine - I hope I do it justice - but as I said to Kerol - I'll give it a try and if it isn't working out - we'll frog her good and start again. She's given me her favourite hat to try and replicate. Thing is - said hat is crocheted - both K. and I crochet so not sure why we're trying this but hey!!

It is raining here for the sixth day or so in a row - and blowing. I'm off to work in a few minutes - I have three clients and my trainees at the end of the day. Ron will probably have a half day if it clears by noon - if not he'll mosey around here doing inside stuff in his workshop. He'll pick Felix up after jazz band. Last night I waited two hours for Felix to come out of an audition - I was pretty steamed. Not at him but by teachers who can't seem to give a time for how long anything takes - and before any of you ask - I've directed lots of plays and done many auditions so...luckily I went to the library which is next door to the school and got some knitting books to read while waiting in the EMPTY cafeteria.
We got our second CSA box from TapRoot farm - cabbage, peppers - hot and sweet, spinach, beautiful potatoes! We still have stuff from last weeks box - peppers, lots of kale and a few carrots but we are trying to think of how to use it all up every day so...we'll get the hang of it eventually. Everything is really GOOD - the spinach is so springy and full of chi if you get me. Lively.
Hoagy is on a strict regime for you doggy fans. He bolted a few weeks ago (when I was in Cape Breton) and was loose for five days! I was mental. So now the scoop is that it is back to basics. He has forgotten who the bosses are. No one is walking him but Ron and I because I think that was the problem - Val and Felix are both too loosey goosey with him so he thinks he's the leader of the pack. It is sad when Val comes out as she still does, to help out, because Hoagy goes ballistic but no walk. Ah well.
Chicken report - nada - those hens are heading for Kamp Kenmore. One egg every third day will not pay for their keep. I'm looking for more heritage hens but so far no luck. We'll keep lovely Jackmo - because a kind and valiant rooster is worth the feed, and his sister Sissy Miss Prissy as she is still laying but the other three are for the knackers.
And for all you sad misty-eyed types out there who think we should build them an old age pen - fughedaboudit! This is part of having any livestock - actually having anything to do with food at all. Even if you are vegetarians who only eat eggs or even if you are vegans - I have to tell you that animals die so you can eat. Coyotes are killed in grape arbours, sheep who give wool are culled if they are sick or old. So if you want to be really pure - wear those masks that Jains wear and be fresharians. See you on the other side.
Rant over.
Later, my friends.


Karen Wallace said...

Love your banner. Warmly, Karen

Liza said...

I enjoyed this rant immensely.

Gardeningbren said...

You rant so well!!

Poor chickens...just teasing. I was going to ask if they started laying again.

Heh crocheting is much easier than knitting...have you tried it?

Glad you are back blogging. Missed ewe.

Mason Canyon said...

Enjoyed your rant. I admire you for knitting anything. I can barely knit a straight stitch and then I have to be extra careful not to drop a stitch. I do enjoy crocheting. When you have a chance, do share your hat pattern with us. Have fun.

Thoughts in Progress

Jude said...

Oddly enough I've just returned from a wool and bamboo needle shopping excursion. And I NEVER knit if I can help it!
p.s. Were you up at 4:54 your time or mine? Why?

Kaulbach said...

Speaking of knitting:

It's called guerilla knitting, latest graffiti trend.
I think we should cover Prospect.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Funny...I only crochet in winter. I love having a baby blanket or afghan in process, draped across my knees, to warm me up while I work.

Anonymous said...

I do love the chook report,

and the Hoagy report about who's the top dog...
Mine used to go walkabout when I was away too...
"mummy dog's gone so I can act up, he he he"