Wednesday, December 29, 2010

home from Gomish

Well, it was wonderful. We ate constantly from when we arrived mid-afternoon til when we left  at mid-morning. We had drinks and talked our heads off and watched David and Linder cook us a feast. We exchanged our presents, all bought within the pleasure palaces of our homes, and all deeply appreciated.  I didn't take many pictures this year because it was blowing and snowing and well, I didn't feel like it.
I'll share the ones I did take -mostly of David's hands preparing summer rolls, which were extraordinarily yummy!
Oh and I knit. I knit in the truck going up there (2 1/2 hours) and while we chatted and driving home.
We played pictionary - the boys whumped us again which is unbelievable but there you have it. I did manage to make people get the word secede by drawing the ocean (sea) and an apple with pips (seeds) and finally getting my teammates to quit yelling ocean pip in my ear. The boys gave us extra time because it was such a difficult word! God we laughed which is the best of all.


Liza said...

Sounds so lovely...and makes me wish that I knew how to knit.

Hart Johnson said...

it sounds WONDERFUL, Jan--so this is your closest friends and significant others? As for Pictionary... the TRICK is identical processors. My cousin Jeff and I can beat ANY OTHER TWO PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE. We both use quick stick figures, but our processors are EXACTLY alike. It's scary, really, to see such clear evidence of an exact replica of your brain (I suspect my son and I may be this way when he's an adult)--because NOBODY else could look at what we drew and see what we were getting at, yet I think we've done it 3 or 4 times.

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Liza - hmmm...I could teach you in a moment and I'm pretty sure there is someone near you who could too. It is fun. I learned as a middle-aged person. Because I hope it will stave off alzheimers. yep.

Tartlette - yes, you are right - and two of the men have that happening - I'm like that with another friend's husband. The four of us play Password and he and I cannot be beat. I say 'heavy', he says 'chevy'. Just works.

Anonymous said...

you can knit in the car?

Oh how I envy that..

such a good way to get some knitting in..

Jan Morrison said...

yah, but not while I'm driving. snort. It really keeps me from being a bad spousal adjunct to the driving process (sucks teeth, sighs, Ron ignores). I can read in the car too. Although plagued with car sickness as a youth - I developed a way to read by just reading a bit and then scanning the horizon - works with knitting too.