Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Good Intentions

Hi all!
Here is where I post my aspirations, my intentions, my goals, my hopes, my clean new notebook stuff. The writing ones I posted a few days ago on Crazy Jane so...

I'm borrowing a page from The Church of the Train Wreck by musician Chip Taylor: Here is his Motion Work Chart adapted to make my New Year's aspirations....

Mantra- “ Let me get off my ass & get my soul in motion.”

First think of how I would like to be a year from now in the following areas of my life.
A) In My Relationships –  Keep communicating and especially set up times to spend with grand-kids. Make regular times to attend to calls and special times with friends and family.

B) In The Area Of my Livlihood (my work) – expand my psychotherapy practice. Get more writing work (govt. writing) and make my novels a priority.

C) In The Area Of My Finances –  decrease debt load by being more frugal. Alot two hours a week on a regular basis to taking care of bills and so forth. Make less complicated, less cluttered ways to deal with papers. Continue to work with Ron to decrease overhead and move towards a simpler life style.

D) In The Area Of  My Health -  go back to workable version of diet. Swim three times a week and walk daily. Take vitamins. Begin allergy shots in spring. Stay on top of problems.

E) In The Area Of Kindness & Generosity – continue work with the Healing Circle, spend time with friends who can't get out much.

F) Spiritual Practice -  Practice daily - look into some new practices I could be doing. Visit with meditation instructor.

Now, in the practice of The Church of the Train Wreck - you fill out these motion charts once a week to keep yourself on track. You do actual things instead of just deciding you're going to be better at or make plans to - so I'm not sharing all that with you because that is my practice and not be shared. Just saying - it isn't enough for me to set my intentions - I have to put them into practice. Maybe I'll spend some time this week saying how I intend to do that with each of these without getting too personal. I think I can do this!

And now for something entirely different.
The anti-resolutions:

1. I resolve to disolve all notions of betterment. Jeesh. I'm pretty darn perfect now!
2. I resolve to never turn my back on chocolate. Chocolate is my friend and never disappoints me.
3. The dog abides. Like the dude he knows all and tells nothing. He leads by example and with his thick strong neck. I resolve to be more Hoagy-like this year. Just abiding.
4. I resolve to take all my old keys that I don't know what they are for and make very fancy sculptures to give to my friends. Yay!
5. I resolve to give in to bouts of extreme silliness. I will also knit hats if I feel like it even if everyone I know has several of my hats and really really don't want anymore. I might start sending them to Stephen Harper. Yeah!
6. I resolve not to take up anything else until some things are finished. Like no more kids or dogs or chickens or men or plots or instruments or hobbies or house cozies or...
7. I resolve to not plan because failing to plan is planning to fail and if I don't do anything it should all go away.

OK - that's out of my system. Later dudes, I'm going to go abide upstairs in front of my shrine.


Robyn said...

Do you think Stephen Harper's hair would accept a hat??

Robyn said...

Do you think Stephen Harper's hair would accept a hat??

Gardeningbren said...

Well I am glad you got That out of your system!!!

So, a New Year, new promise, fresh approach, lots of joy to come. I expect once the snow leaves, (if it ever comes), spring will release it's blooms from the soil and our hearts will sing.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I love that one about silliness. I need to do more of that, too.