Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aspirations: Health

I'm totally beat and it isn't 8 AM yet. Why? Hoagy took a flyer two nights ago and I can't seem to sleep for long when he is gone. I keep coming to the door and whispering 'bacon, love, warmth, water, bacon' but he just sneers and jeers and runs away with his coyote friends.

Sweet Patootie has gone to Labrador for his mom's birthday and a reunion of his siblings. Ruby will be leaving her home in North West River this month so they thought they should all get together. And that, my friends, is another reason I didn't sleep well. I don't mind when I go away but when he does...I miss him fierce! to my aspirations around health:  I got the food that I need so that I don't eat wheat and sugar. I'm still with coffee but I'll start decreasing it this weekend and I'll be off it by Monday. I think I will also set up swimming times this week for next. This weird first working week of the new year always finds me unprepared like a short order cook who can only make an order up when the slip is in front of her face! I'm not walking enough either - when the dog walks himself I only pace!

The sleep thing is the hardest for me. I could sleep now that it is morning but of course I can't - I have to go to work in half an hour.

This is a very unispiring post - my apologies.


Hart Johnson said...

I'm the same exact way about sleep... if I'M the one traveling, it's all good, but if he's gone, it stinks! I hope Hoagy decides to come in!

And may the new year settle in, finally... But not so much I forget the changes I'm meant to be making... Your plans sound good!

Liza said...

Oh I hope you got through the day okay and that all return safe and sound.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

I do hope Hoagy comes back in soon. Doesn't the silly kid even realise how cold it is outside, and how toasty warm it would be sleep with Mamma on her bed?

Anonymous said...

Hound used to do that - just take off into the bush to chase wallbies and foxes.

Just go wild for a while.

I would go wild too - in a panicky way..then he would saunter back as if nothing had happened...

I guess they are taking a holiday and enjoying their wild selves a bit.

Wish they'd leave a note.