Sunday, January 2, 2011

Aspirations - Finance

There is a built-in problem with these categories. When I look at one - the others creep in. For instance the finance one is also for me about sustainability, about love for the planet and waking up to what that means. See what I mean? It is about spirituality and compassion and of course livlihood and relationships. So everything is about everything.
Reminds me of a joke - What did the Dalai Lama say to the hot dog vendor - 'Make me one with everything.'

OK - here goes.

The first thing is to repeat something I did a few years ago - I'm going to go a year without buying clothes. It went well that year - I did find that I wanted to go shopping (and truth be told I'm not a big shopper) but it gets out of hand. So the rules are - I don't buy clothes for myself. The exceptions if neccessary are underwear, socks and shoes (runners only) but I don't think I even did that last time. And I've got plenty of socks. The rule also applies to second-hand clothes but not to gifts. I will accept clothes as gifts but we've just been through that season (the gift one of birthday and Christmas) so... I'm also going to clean out my closets and drawers of clothes I don't wear and drop them in the charity bin or garbage. I have some new shoes that I'm going to try selling too - they are beautiful and I bought them when my feet were swollen and they don't fit - Italian high heels in red patten leather. Sigh.

And here is where health and money cross paths - I'm going back to no caffeine which will save me buying coffees downtown and improve my general health. I'll stock up on herbal teas etc... but really I won't miss it.

On a larger scale, Ron and I will probably put this house up for sale in the summer. We'll be down to one part-time kid then and we really can't afford to live here. I love it but I'm totally good with this. Rather have less worries than this house. We'll have had five lovely years in it and we can go back to the other house for two years while we work out how to build a small nice little place to spend the rest of our years. Ha! Right!

That's it for today. If I make a couple of small changes a week who knows what will happen!
Here is a photo of tree house that is quite near where I take the is so lovely.

How about you all?


Mason Canyon said...

Changes are good but I'm terrible with them.

Thoughts in Progress

Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm trying to go more and more organic in food choices, choose almost no processed foods, and eat a little less meat. Don't know if I could give up coffee, though. That would be so hard.

Jan Morrison said...

I'm good with changes, Mason, but not so good with discipline. That's why I like these new year type things - they give me a chance to get back on the horse.

Patricia - that sounds good - I was a vegetarian for a while but it didn't suit me - I got all tired and so forth. We buy meat from a farmer we know and so that is good and we get vegies from a Community Shared thingy (a box a week). Trouble is my guy LOVES meat and he does lots of cooking so it is hard to get him a bit away from that - I'm thinking of introducing meatless mondays. I had a half-decent garden this year and of course we have eggs or we did - now just a few. We're getting more chicks in the spring. Lots of fun.

Hart Johnson said...

Jan, I think this is a great idea. We are broke this year and a no clothing commitment would help our end, too, so I can buy into that.

It's huge to think of giving up your place, but I'm glad you seem content with the idea.

Hubby would certainly love me to get rid of some stuff, too... But I'm gunna have to think on that!

Anonymous said...


just a few small changes..

I love caffeine, and know the peace that comes without it as well.

Using a home coffee maker helps.

I admire the no clothes thing. Addicted to fashion way more than coffee...


Googlover/keishua said...

I love the clothes thing. I have tried to do that before but I have a serious weakness. I am trying to be better.

I gave up coffee over Christmas! Yeah!! I feel so alive.

I want to eat better and move my body more. Otherwise, I'm letting it go!

Jan Morrison said...

Tartlette - you might be surprised how easy it is once you get going. The first couple of months were tough on the clothing thing as I would just want to self-medicate with second hand shops when I felt blue but then I got it. I fell off the wagon once and bought this weird dress thing that made into 132 outfits - at a stall in Faneuil Market, Boston. Piece of shite actually.
Denise - oh I've given up coffee several times - I don't mind as long as I do it slowly so I don't get a headache...then I feel quite good. Clothing is harder. But you're a sewer! I love those Japanese clothes. So yummy.
G-K - the clothes thing is just like any habitual pattern - maybe a bit more devious because it doesn't seem bad but still. Good for you on the moving more - I like that too.