Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fat Sunday

Now a fat Sunday is different than a fat Saturday - different feel all together. A fat Saturday must include a bit of the world in a saturday way - a Globe & Mail, a trip to the market, eating a lunch at home of things picked up at the market etc... But a fat Sunday means a trip to the cathedral. No, not that cathedral. OK - a trip to the opera only with smell-surround. A trip to the library of holy experiences. No need to keep you guessing - a walk to high head is all a fat Sunday requires. And this was a good one - long long overdue. Why we haven't been to high head at all since the weekend after Felix arrived in late August - and we didn't go very far because of the hurricaine and all. This time we walked to round rock beach and then Ron had a brilliant idea - he went back to the car and Felix and I walked all the way to Prospect. It started to snow at a certain point but that just added to the wonder. And Felix and I saw the only wild animal you're likely to catch more than a very fleeting glimpse of - a porcupine! We got quite close - it was very grumpy - they're always grumpy but I don't know why. Really when I think what they've cost Hoagy in pain and me in vet bills - you'd think I would have ...well but I didn't. I just melted to see it - so earnest and slooooooow.
So...dear are some pictures. Afterwards when we met Mr. Man with the car in Prospect we picked up extra milk and I made a big pot of hot chocolate. Yah!


Cruella Collett said...

Love the porcupine! Now, I didn't have a Fat Sunday on Sunday, but I think I had a Fat Sunday on Saturday, if that makes sense. It wasn't exactly a Fat Saturday either, you see, so I think FSoS is the appropriate expression...

I saw shrines -- plenty of them - and this time there a camera came along, so there will be pictures at some point -- I saw markets -- I bought stuff at the market, but I didn't eat it later, since I ate a home cooked meal made my my colleague's wife. I think that counts. I saw and talked to cats, I photographed the beginning of what looks to be a gorgeous blossom. And I smiled at the sun, since the sun was smiling at me - it looks a lot like spring here (though on Sunday we had a hint of snow - ack).

Thanks for sharing your pictures - looks like you had a splendid time. Makes me happy :)

Hart Johnson said...

That place is so cool! I love the way the rock looks like rolling water, and yes, I ALSO love the porcupine. Great Sunday!

iNdi@na said...

a hedgehog wandered up once
whilst i was taking an outdoor bath in NZ
also very cute
less tricksy than porcupines

those are very nice rocks you have there...

Jan Morrison said...

Oh I don't know Mari - you get to decide but it certainly sounded like a Fat Saturday - the market makes it so...and I can't wait to see the shrine pics!!
Tartlette - I know it is er...bad manners for me to say so BUT High Head is the most gorgeous scenery in the world or the world that I've seen so is just so wonderful. I love it - even on a gray day like yesterday.
India - nah, hedgehogs cute - porcupines really kind of evil if you're a dog owner...ah well - still cute but they can swing those tails and then whammy - tons of barbed quills stuck in ya. yikes.