Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rabbit Hole Day

In honour of Rabbit Hole Day, the birthday of Lewis Carrol and a time when all bloggers are asked to create a different world for their blogs - here is my day so far:

Crumbs! No not crumbs as in bits of bread or crackers - crumbs as in rats as in darn as in shite! Everyday it's something different. Today it's the legs. Yes, dammit! Both of them. Don't work a wit. Right, Shirley over at accounting said she had the leg one last week, had to drag herself to the bustop, drag herself onto the bus and so on. I don't like the leg one - hasn't happened for months. It's usually either the smell one which I really really don't mind - helps me with my diet to be perfectly honest - or it's the left hand. Which is a bitch but nothing compares to TWO legs. Sure, we're told they can't do anything about it at Central Parts but gawd - two legs not working?? Come on. Even when both eyes went on me last month I could basically manage. And we don't have buses out here and I can't use the copter without at least once working leg. Nah, Jimbo said it was tough but he's having a no compassion day - apparently it isn't really called that - it has some connection to a part of our body - what is it? Oh yeah, it's connected to the fourth disc up from the bottom on your spinal cord but they just call it no compassion because that's the worst symptom of it. So I'm stuck here working from my desk that I DRAGGED myself too after I ate something from the bottom shelf of the fridge. No - he wouldn't even toast me a bun - simply doesn't care he says. I slithered onto my chair and now I'm working from home. What I want to know is why do we pay those droids at Central Parts if they are going to have system failure after system failure with no accountability? I mean it is our taxes right? I'd like to march right over there and smack them in the kisser. If my legs worked that is. And if they had kissers which we know they don't. Bye - talk to you later - Jeanie needs her report before her eyes go. Again.


Chary Johnson said...

Loved the cyborg story!

Thanks for this trip down the rabbit hole!

Hart Johnson said...

for a minute I panicked that your legs REALLY weren't working, which would be horrible, but i love this as a piece of fiction. Very fun!