Wednesday, February 16, 2011

cleaning up

How come we  clean 'up'? We definitely don't in real life - we clean down because cleaning up would leave all sorts of streaks and stains about.

However we clean, I'm doing it. I'm not in a mad-about-to-have-a-baby clean streak or even a spring-feverish-cleanathon but just seeing my environment with fresh washed eyes and wanting it to be different.  Yesterday I cleaned all the bathrooms and put away the dolly shrine for another year. Probably the last year for awhile for if we move back up the hill there won't be room for the dollies I fear.
Today I've cleaned the toaster oven - my oh my - did it need it. I would like one of those tiny vacuum cleaners to get at it and perhaps my keyboard but alas - no such thing for me. I'm going to finish putting the boxes of dollies where they go and vacuum our bedroom and the hall.  I need to do some heavy duty organizing in my office as well but am approaching that with great caution. I need my office not to be too disturbed for the next week or so as I finish up my final revision on True.

Some other things will have to wait.
Did I mention it is REALLY cold here? It is. Let me check just how cold it is...It is -11 Centigrade and with the wind chill it is about -35 C. In farenheit that is 13 and with the windchill -8. Got it? That's freaking cold.
The sweet patootie lit me a fire before he left so that is good. The dog is begging for a walk and I will take him for one but it will be this afternoon when the wind is supposed to die down some. It is brilliantly sunny which makes me more cheerful than yesterday's drear did.
I just made a dentist appointment to have a nasty expensive gum graft done and an appointment with my gp to start my allergy shots. Then I have someone coming in to help me organize my taxes. Doesn't all that sound cheery? Oh and I have to pay my car insurance too. Yay!

These tasks all fall under 'being an adult' and I resist the urge - thus when I do feel it I go for the whole thing at once. The tooth thing I can only do one of a year anyway so I wasn't being particularly bad about that. How are you at procrastination? I think part of this arises from how beautifully and completely my dad organized the adult details of his life and death. He really was so responsible. I am feckless but I'm working on it.
later dear readers...


Hart Johnson said...

I wonder if that cleaning up is a marriage of cleaning and picking up... because you're right... we clean DOWN (clear down to only the thing that is SUPPOSED to be there)--did I mention last week we got down to the REAL -13 (F)--that's -25 to you! ACK!

I hate cleaning. I think I only do it because I hate nagging more... though I don't do enough cleaning to avoid the nagging, but never mind...

Anita said...

I'm glad you have would be so much worse approaching your tasks without it. Good luck with the gum graft...sounds like a bummer, but maybe the experience will make a good blog post!