Monday, February 14, 2011


I'm home. Home is such an interesting word, isn't it? Home after saying goodbye to my dad with most of my relatives about me. Seeing my sister and brother was heavenly. No one but these two have quite the same reference points. And my dear step-mother - oh it was sad and good to spend time with her. My nieces and nephews (at least some of them) were there and my two boys, cousins and old family friends, my good and kind step-sister, her great husband and amazing children - my dad's full extended family. His enriched family, you might say. And everyone glad to see each other and sad at the reason. Everything young and old and sweet and sad, all mingled together. Stories were told as we sat in the parlour of the Inn where all us 'away gang' stayed. Toasts were raised, jokes were made, tears were shed. It was a round experience.

Jude and I left London on the train and travelled to Perth where she lives. I stayed with her over the weekend and then yesterday she drove us into Ottawa. We saw my Uncle Art in the home - a tremendously dear guy and then went to visit his daughter, Myrna and her husband, Don. Jude left in a flurry ( a snow flurry) and my youngest son, Cal, picked me up. We went downtown and hung around an Italian cafe and talked our heads off. Then he dropped me off at Ron's brother's. I adore my brother-in-law and we caught up on this and that. He made me a homey good meal and then I grabbed a cab to the airport. I was in my sweet patooties arms at nearly one in the morning. We drove through more snow and I fell into bed.

Today I am humbly puttering - trying to find my way here. I'm cleaning bathrooms and washing clothes and catching up on my email and like that. It is good. Every once in awhile I get a big grief tsunami. I ride it out and then go back to what I'm doing.

the pictures are family and the other shots are from the train...


Mason Canyon said...

I've always thought it was strange how you can be so sad and laugh at the same time. Families coming together to say their good byes can't help but remember the fun times (and you most definitely should). May those fun memories be with you as you walk on this next journey and keep you filled with smiles and laughter rather than tears. Glad you're home safe.

Thoughts in Progress

Hart Johnson said...

A big grief tsunami. That is such a great way to put it after you lose someone you love so much. Most of the time you carry on--you have sort of dull ache mixed with fond memory overlaying life and then suddenly there will be a great tsunami.

They're gorgeous pictures, Jan--I'm glad you had such great family time.