Monday, June 27, 2011


Ah, that time of year again. When Kerol and I make the long trek to Merigomish to celebrate Linder's birthday. We left on Sunday morning - got there a bit after noon and proceeded to eat and drink and talk and walk and repeat until we fell into bed - a glorious bed in the newly renovated upstairs. Then up at the crack of sparrow fart to carry on (but no drinking!). We picked both rhubarb and rocks, discussed everything one can imagine friends of over thirty years discussing on that endless loop of remembering and the lengths to that loop added on to by experiencing yet new adventures. Once again, Kerol and I were astounded at the unrelenting work involved by Linda and David to keep the place the heaven it is.

Here are some photos of the time:


Arlee Bird said...

It looks like a very secluded and peaceful place for a getaway.

Tossing It Out

Jan Morrison said...

I had another comment here and it showed up and then it went away - from a merigomisher! ah well - if it is you reading this know I read it and didn't ditch it - it shows up in my comment scroll but won't here???
Lee - it is secluded and lovely but rarely do we let it get peaceful!

Helen Ginger said...

It looks wonderful. It just sounds like a peaceful, fun time. And I've never heard "up at the crack of sparrow fart." I love that! I'm going to try to remember it (and steal it).

Gardeningbren said...

There's a lot of happy blue in these photos! What a great visit, what a spot!