Thursday, July 7, 2011

chicks, pow-wows, market

step-dot & sweet patootie on the roof garden of the market...

All those trips to the Saturday market with the step-dot have paid off. She passed out her resume a couple of weeks ago and began work at the market last week. She's working the next four days. Yipeee! I love a working kid - I love it when they get it - do a job, receive money. Simple really. And even though it means a ton of driving it will be so worth it. She's working at Norbert's, for you locals there is no explanation needed but for the CFAs about - Norbert and his wife Minga own a farm and have run one of the most successful organic veggie stands at the market for years and years. Lots of my friends' kids have gotten their first paychecks from him. Now, in the new huge market, he has expanded and they run their stand but also a good little restaurant of sorts. That means that the step-dot gets to cook, prepare, and sell food. And as she had wanted to be a chef at one point, and may still do, this is invaluable experience. So ...all good.

I went to see my grandson, Riley, at his baseball practice. Got to hang out with my grand-dot, Hannah, and her pals too.


The chooks are HUGE. They want to rule the world. They have only had one afternoon of being free to roam - other than that - their little yard is deemed big enough. Soon though, as we love the moveable foliage of them. Still don't know who is what yet - oh, we think we have most of the breeds figured out - a few australorpes, two RIRs, some gorgeous golden and silvered wyandottes and the unknown one who started out yellow and now is brownish but doesn't seem to be anything we know. We'd hoped he was a buff orpington but he seems to dark for that. ah well. Notice I'm calling him a he. I can't tell you why I think one is a roo and one is a wee hen but I do and so does Sweet Patootie - we'll see how right our predictions are. Then we'll have to choose a rooster to keep. Ron wants fierce and I want friendly. Our last was both.


I went to my first pow-wow last week. It was wonderful and very helpful, as I have a pow-wow in the novel I've been working on for years. Yes, I do write about things that I don't know. I make things up. I do.
This pow-wow was a big success - lots of folks visited and it seemed a very good thing. I enjoyed myself and took some photos that I will share.

so that is that in my life...the garden is over-run - the flower garden that is - the other one is a wash-out in the true sense of that word...ah well.


Hart Johnson said...

Jay for first jobs! That is the hardest one to get. Congrats to the step-dot for getting it!

And I love your chooks. That blonde speckled one, especially. I like that pattern.

KarenG said...

What a nice full and happy life you have. I enjoyed getting this little pictoral peek into it!

Julie said...

What great pictures! I especially liked the one of the girls sticking their tongues out, how cute. The pow wow seems very interesting, I'd love to attend something like that.

Gardeningbren said...

So pleased to read your "catch up"...Norbert )))...chooks...young girls smile...and the pow wow...such lovely photos. The sea is really warm right now..did you know?

Anonymous said...

how I love your anonymous comments! I know it's you - your voice sings true.

Glad to hear the chookies are doing well. Will you have one rooster? Can there be only one, like the highlander?

There is so much I dont now about chook social structure.

Jenny Woolf said...

A good bunch of pictures, something interesting in each topic. Love the granddaughters and their matching different coloured tongues,and matching different coloured pants. Chicken No 2 is my favourite, he is so artistically dressed.

Helen Ginger said...

Love the pictures. The chickens looked like they paused to pose for you. Loved the colors, you're a great photographer.