Saturday, June 4, 2011

Peeps and Posies

Sometimes nothing turns out as expected.
Most times nothing turns out as expected.
So - why do we expect?
Fuzz Butts practice flying...

This Saturday I thought I'd sleep in a bit, meditate, go to town to get cardboard boxes for new brooder with SP and then pickup my car and come home. There I'd read the Globe & Mail, take the Hoag for a stroll and...
Had to leave earlier than I thought - didn't sit, picked up boxes and then the SP and I went to a diner - a fabulous old diner called Johnny's Cafe. Then I picked up the car and went to see my friend, Arlo, who had ended up in emerg the other day through some weirdness. I sprung him (nah, not really, he was going to be sprung) but not after a three hour hang about. Then home, then viewing the new brooder SP made in my absence, then meditating, then dog walking and while out in the woods - some photo taking of tiny wee flowers - woodland flowers - my very favourite.

Yesterday, I had the peeps out for a second experience of mother earth. I took pictures then too.
critters both petalled and feathered....


Helen Ginger said...

I love all the pictures, but my favorite is the peep with the wings a-flying.

Patricia Stoltey said...

These are wonderful photos, Jan. I love the critters.