Monday, November 28, 2011

Chook Update

should have guessed that things were toooooo peachy keen in the chicken world. Found home for three roos - kept one and six hens. (sent one hen with one roo - leaving us with six) Only not. Nope. One and quite likely two of those dopey hens aren't. One crowed the other day and we're thinking one of the rhode island reds is a male. The one I'd started to wonder about as tail feathers started to appear and it was confirmed when Ron caught it crowing. He loves the guy too - one of the ones that is always first up for a Ron cuddle. We'll keep him and hope the two roos don't fight each other. Three would be too much though so we'll be looking for a home for one fabulous rhode island red cock.
chicken-sexers we ain't.
darn it.


Liza said...

This made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I dont even want to ASK how you tell....