Monday, December 12, 2011

Tiny Worlds

Just go here  to see Mimi Kirchner's tiny worlds. That's what I'm doing. I'm making itty bitty houses with itty bitty trees and windows and snowmen. Good grief. I don't know why but this is deeply satisfying. Just blame my pal Denise from Grrl + Dog for leading me astray.
 these are Mimi's - below my first two and
I have to try the toadstool fairy houses and the lighthouses...have to. the hell with shortbread!


Karen Wallace said...

Love these! Hugs Karen

Anonymous said...


They are totally adorable!
I love the funky little tree with apples on it, reminds me of a child's painting.

So is everyone in your house getting a tiny world pincushion for Christmas??

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks Karen - it is insane how caught up in these I am!
Denise - yep - these are a bit better now - fixed snow scene tree. Now I have three more to make. No, only one group of pals (six of us called the Canadian Babes). Now I've got my sister onto it. yikes....