Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh I know it ...

Dear Simple-ites,

Is that an okay thing to call you? Hmmm... better than the first one that came to mind.
I know ... I know ... I haven't been around in ages. Winter was tough and confusing for my simple life. I'm not sitting every day or hardly any day and the excuses for that are labored and stupid. But I feel I must say them anyway - we have put new windows in on our main floor. The one window in the dining room isn't quite finished because it won't stop raining and Sweet Patootie must work on the finish wood outside due to massive dust storms in one's living space. So the dining room table, which is massive, is out in the middle of the floor and who cares? I do because the reason I'm not sitting is because I set up a shrine down here in our lower floor and I didn't like it. I don't like sitting below ground. I just don't. So I think I can squeeze a small sitting space into the dining area but not until the dining room table is in place. Whew!

Next - I have a garden but as I already said it has been raining raining raining. I grew tomatoes from seed and they all nearly drowned when I planted them outside. Lots of lettuce - too much really and we can't store it so ... blah blah blah.

No chickens.

New pup! After being broken-hearted in a way that we couldn't even begin to imagine upon the death of Hoagy we realized we couldn't live without dog energy in the house. We rescued a little gal from Northern Labrador and we call her Bella Bellisimo. Here are two pics of her. I have a thousand!

So ... she has kept me very busy.
I also have been working on my novel and getting pretty close to finishing the final revision. YAY! Or so I think - but more of that on Jan Morrison's Crazy Writing Life (check side-bar).

I want to come back to simplicity and I know it is a state of mind. Photography definitely helps. My two to three walks a day in the woods really really helps.

How about you? How do you keep love, art, and simplicity in your life?

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Liza said...

Struggling a bit now, too. No walks, few pictures, and we lost our cat unexpectedly in March. Sigh, some periods are like that, I guess. You dog is adorable!