Monday, August 12, 2013

Oh the Vagabond Life!

Hello dear peoples ...the crows are carrying on outside (I don't let them in!) and the sun is shining and the pork chops are frying and the pies for the big Lobster Dinner in Prospect are made and in the freezer. The chickens have been moved from our old house and the new owners to another house that the Sweet Patootie built (that happened yesterday and only SP could get the chickens to gather - he is the chicken whisperer - even though we haven't been with them for a year!). There are bins with assorted bits of winter clothes and kitchen utensils we can't live without. The dog is moping in the heat waiting for her second big walk of the day.

 SP leaves in two days for Labrador. He is going off to work there for a year and I will be joining him mid-October. It is, in other words, absolute chaos around here. It has that weird excited air of big changes or Christmas morning or just after an accident or the birth of a new baby in the family - scary and big and maybe fun but definitely different.

So the simple life is about to get a whole lot simpler for me. We will live in the house in North West River that SP's mother owned (the siblings now own it). Ruby, his mum, lives in long-term care in the nearby town of Goose Bay where SP will work. I will continue by Skype or phone with those clients who care to do so. I won't have an office and I won't have these groups I now belong to:

Book Club, Stitch and Bitch (really called Sisters in Stitches) My Writing Group, Prospect Players (theatre group), the babes (very important gang of gals I've hung with for over two decades) Tuesday Writing With Gwen (over a decade strong), Papers & Pancakes or Eggs & Editorials (Sundays with Annie and newspapers and breakfast items) and the Gomish Planning Committee (we organize a major holiday called Gomish that happens in the week after Christmas or a bit later depending)!

I could be sad about that and leaving the province where my grandchildren and the best buds in the world live or I could decide that going North for the winter - living in the land of icebergs and Northern Lights could be pretty wondrous - plus it will be a major impetus for me to finish several novels and get them out. And I have a project that directly relates to NWR (North West River) that I will be able to implement. So I'm not sad - I'm excited.

The plan is that I will come back once during the winter (not Christmas though) and both of us will be back for the summer - SP will be teaching at the community college. If he gets another contract we'll go back again from Sept. to June.

Think I can do the simple thing simpler? No chickens but I am packing my accordion and my knitting - long winter nights! Will he ever play scrabble with me? I hope so.

What do you think?

Here is the view from our living room - that is Lake Melville and a long sandy beach! And snow!



Gardeningbren said...

So lovely to catch up on your blog. What to Labrador with a new puppy and new opportunities. So pleased to read this. Sad to read about Hogie though..very sad.

Did I know you played the button accordion? I have one and always wanted to learn and never did. Next year..maybe you can give me lessons?

Congrats re the writing and all bookish things. Yehhhh!

Robyn said...

This is so exciting. I am really looking forward to hearing how things all unfold. And I hold out hope that on one of your trips north or south, it includes a visit to the Bay of Islands....xoxo