Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Adventure Has Begun

This will be my first post on a blog in beautiful downtown North West River, Labrador. I've been here a week and a half and we just got connected by phone and internet today. I have very mixed feelings about being connected. My gorgeous scheduling is already off! I did hand-write a letter this morning, after a walk with Bella on the beach -

Then I had my breakfast with toast made from my own bread - 

here are my loaves in the oven getting their bottoms gently browned! Then it was to my desk to do two hours on Bright Angel (the novel I'm currently working on) Only I didn't get there. Why you ask? Because I spied the Aliant Guy out the window while I was sealing up the letter for the day. I had to run after him as he had gone further down the road - he was stopped at the beach looking at his computer. I rapped on the window. "Looking for 108?" He startles and answers yes. I tell him he just drove right past it without regard for the numbers on the garage. Ah well. He followed sheepishly and we got him started. Then he had to go somewhere (the little Aliant office in town?) and so I started on my writing. I'd say I got an hour of the two done before he was back. I had a phone that worked but he said that there was no mention of Internet. I tried to be kind but this has been a long, long struggle. He went off to phone the feckless whack-jobs at central and I wrestled a folding table out of the workshop and into the dining room. The little desk was just too little. It isn't as if we were going to use the dining room much anyway right? And I can tidy everything up and put a nice cloth on it and it can be a serving table, sure enough.

He, obviously or I wouldn't be writing you, came back and set me up with the necessaries. I took Bella for another walk after sending off a couple of emails - she pooped on the floor in the living room while I was wrestling the table in - first mistake in a month or more - guess that's what she thinks of technology! We had a shorter than normal walk (you do see what is happening here don't you?) and I came back, ate my lunch and here I am.

In heaven. With a snake called technology. Ah well. The apple that Eve ate was supposed to be knowledge and I suppose I will forgive myself soon enough. A couple of games of online solitaire ought to shut me up!
Here are a few more pictures of this place which I will be posting a tonne of in the next little while! The one above is from a rainy day a few days back! The blur is Bella.
Here I am on our Thanksgiving walk looking for partridge berries. My family will recognize my Watusi warrior pose!

Okily dokily - more later. This is enough for today...


Katie said...

Oh so glad to read what you are up to. Miss you here of course, but we're not unfamiliar with a digital connection!


Anonymous said...

I posted, it didn't go on. I'll try again. A woman I had the privilege of caring for many years ago from NFLD always spoke of her "partridge berries" I look forward to trying whatever you make. Wren

don m said...

Exciting to see your post... I've been reading 'Dear Everybody' ... finished it last night. Loved it. So have you convinced Ron to take up trapping?

Anxious to hear more about modern day NWR.